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World Factions is a discontinued collaborative writing project, previously used by PythSource to develop various multimedia content and to organise remote collaborative events. Created somewhere in 2018, it was then abolished with the creation of the Data Point Project.

Set on Earth, it depicted an alternative history, where non-state groups and factions controlled large territories, frequently engaging in fierce armed conflicts with each other.

The universe acted as a large roleplaying hub. Other members of the project were able to have a direct impact on the course of history.

Due to its inherent conflictual nature, members of the project also engaged in real conflicts, which resulted in the dissolution of the universe.

Special thanks to former World Factions members, which include: IDEXV, URAKOLOUY5, Lomonosik, BruhAn, DisKripNeity/DEZONEIDZHI/Estpell, Vuldemar, LaXID (indirect contribution) and others.